Our Self-Assembling Universe



5 thoughts on “Our Self-Assembling Universe

  1. osaublog

    Check out my book, Our Self-Assembling Universe, on Amazon.com and meet me at the AuthorHouse booth at the amazing LA Book Festival at USC at 11 am on April 9th. I will be there with my book at that time. I’m taking Amtrak to the LA terminal and the expo metro to get there and back. It’s the only good way to avoid the crush of cars from two major events happening at the same time. The book event is free but parking isn’t.


  2. osaublog

    I commented using my iPhone. I’m not sure it worked, but I think it may have so I will wait to see. I’m still not clear on how this website works. Are you going to the book show?


  3. osaublog

    Okay. I see my iPhone response did not work for some reason. Here is a summary of my response: It’s all put together with protons, electrons and neutrons. Destruction drives the process. Probability is a director. It’s “just the facts mam” as the famous TV detective used to say. Be Ye believer or non believer, our universe is assembling itself, and we are but products of it’s destruction! It’s a wondrous invention! Have you seen the electron microscope pictures of genes in action, the ones where you can see genes self-assembling proteins? My next book in the series gets to these issues in more detail.


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